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Apartment Interior Design 101: Top 10 Smart Interior Design Ideas For Apartments

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. With some clever apartment interior design tricks, you can make even the tiniest studio feel spacious and inviting. 

Here are 10 of the top small apartment interior design ideas by Interior Recipe, the best Interior Designing Company in Delhi NCR, for transforming your apartment in 2024 and beyond…

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Use multifunctional furniture

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small apartment is through multifunctional furniture. Look for pieces like storage ottomans, folding dining tables, Murphy beds, and desks that convert into dining tables. This smart furniture serves dual purposes, allowing you to get more function out of every piece. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage can provide extra seating when needed, while storing blankets and books when closed.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Incorporate mirrors strategically

Mirrors visually expand small spaces, making rooms feel larger and brighter. Place a full-length mirror near the front door to give the illusion of a bigger entryway. Use mirrored cabinets or a mirrored wall in tight galley kitchens. The reflection from the mirror will make the kitchen appear more spacious. You can also hang a small decorative mirror opposite a window – it will reflect outside light and make the room feel double in size.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Choose furniture with exposed legs

Furniture sitting directly on the floor can make rooms feel heavy and cluttered. Opt for couches, beds, and tables with exposed legs. This creates the impression of a lifted, airy space below the furniture, opening up the room. Go for light-coloured wooden legs or metal hairpin legs for a modern, minimalist look. Matching the leg finish to other metals in the room, like light fixtures, also looks very cohesive.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Install wall-mounted lighting

Floor and table lamps take up precious real estate in a small apartment. Get them up off the floor by installing sconce lighting, track lighting, or pendulum lights mounted directly to the walls or ceiling. This frees up space for other furnishings below. Wall-mounted lighting can also make a room feel brighter when the light source is lifted and spread across the ceiling.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Paint an accent wall

Painting one wall with a bold, dramatic colour adds visual interest to any small space. Opt for a rich shade like emerald, navy, or mustard to make that wall the captivating focus. Keep the remaining walls a light neutral tone so as not to overwhelm the room. Be sure to choose a matte finish paint that won’t make the colour feel too intense.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Decorate with oversized art

Make a style statement in your small apartment by displaying large-scale art and photography. Oversized wall art draws the eye and becomes the room’s focal point. This makes the space feel intentionally designed around the artwork, rather than haphazardly filled. Aim for pieces that complement your decor. For a boho chic space, try a black and white abstract print.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Use peel-and-stick wallpaper

Removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to transform any room without the mess or commitment of traditional wallpaper. Apply chic patterns like geometric designs or nature motifs to add texture and interest to plain walls. It’s an easy DIY project that makes a big visual impact. Opt for paler neutrals like light greys if using wallpaper in a very small space.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Build custom storage

Maximize every inch of space by having customized, built-in storage installed. You can build in bookshelves that fit perfectly in that awkward nook, or add a custom unit around the bed with storage drawers underneath. Built-ins exploit the unique dimensions of your apartment. Look for ways to tuck narrow cabinets and shelves around existing architectural details.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Suspend shelves

Shelving that hangs securely on the wall, rather than sitting on the floor, keeps areas like entryways, kitchens, and living rooms looking neat and organized while preserving floor space. Floating shelves add a modern, minimalist style as well. Use suspended shelves near the front door to keep keys and mail organized. Try hanging a slim shelf above the backsplash for displaying cookbooks and plants.

Small Apartment Interior Design 101: Let in natural light

There’s no quicker way to make a small space feel cramped and dark than by blocking natural light. Install the sheerest curtains possible over windows and avoid heavy drapes. If your window faces an unappealing view, hang lightweight linen curtains that diffuse the light. You can also add mirrors and reflective surfaces to “bounce” natural light around the room.

Wrapping Up

Implementing even a couple of these apartment interior design ideas can vastly improve the look and functionality of your small urban living space. Get creative with multi-use furniture, mirrors, art, storage and lighting to make your apartment feel open, airy, and put together. With smart interior design, small spaces can feel just as stylish and livable as larger ones.

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