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Delhi Home Interiors 101: Top 6 Residential Interior Design Trends in Delhi in 2024


Delhi, the heart of India, is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and modernity. This pulsating city boasts some of the most chic and urbane residential interiors in the country. In 2024, Delhi’s residential interior design involves mixing contemporary looks with cultural heritage richness along with sustainability and smartness in technology. 

In this blog by Interior Recipe, Delhi NCR’s top interior design company, we will go over the top 6 home design trends that are making waves in Delhi this year.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Sustainability

Inclusion of Eco-Friendly Materials

Come 2024, sustainability still remains a key trend out there. Homeowners in Delhi are increasingly going for environment-friendly materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, as well as recycled metal. Such materials not only decrease environmental impacts but also add some unique feel when used inside.


A house located in South Delhi had its floorings and furniture made from reclaimed wood to get a rustic yet modern look. Besides saving on costs, this choice was sustainable.


  • Floors should be constructed using sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork.
  • Use efficient lighting systems during homes’ design stages.
  • Walls should be painted with non-toxic paints so they emit no toxic substances into the air.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Opt for eco-friendly paints and finishes.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Home Automation

Technologically Advanced Homes

Delhi is being transformed by smart home technology in terms of residential interior design. Such as automated lighting and climate control, security systems, and smart kitchens, technology makes homes more convenient as well as efficient.


MarketsandMarkets estimates that between 2020 and 2026, the global market for smart homes will rise from $79.5 billion to $313.95 billion, at a CAGR of 25.3%.


  • Energy-efficient heating with intelligent thermostats.
  • Phone or voice-command-controlled lights.
  • Automated window coverings are a great addition to any home that adds convenience and energy efficiency.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Minimum Aesthetics

Less Is Best

Delhi’s modern housing interiors still embrace minimalism. There are clean lines, clear spaces, and muted hues in this concept of design which creates a sense of tranquillity while also making rooms look bigger and less cramped.

An Example:

A serene spacious room is created there in a minimalistic Hauz Khas apartment featuring white walls, basic furniture pieces as well as colourful details placed strategically around the space.


  • Neutrals with splashes of colours here and there.
  • Furniture with simple line shapes would be ideal.
  • Restricting decorations can help you avoid clutter.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Indoor-Outdoor Living

Blurring the Boundaries

The city dwellers of Delhi are more and more interested in blending the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. This development includes creating a seamless flow from internal areas of houses to open-air areas such as balconies, terraces and gardens.


In Greater Kailash, there is a residence featuring big sliding glass doors that open onto a beautiful garden which makes it an ideal indoor-outdoor living house.


  • Connect inside to outside through large windows and glass doors.
  • Create green spaces indoors with plants and vertical gardens.
  • Design comfortable, stylish outdoor living spaces.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Cultural Fusion

Celebrating Heritage

Delhi’s illustrious cultural heritage has found its way into contemporary residences. This involves combining traditional Indian motifs with modern designs for fashionable spaces that reflect cultural identity as well as style.


A home in Chandni Chowk incorporates traditional Rajasthani prints and Mughal-inspired interiors with modern furniture and lighting making it look unique and eclectic at the same time.


  • Use traditional textiles and patterns in upholstery, decoration etc.
  • Integrate antique furniture items or artwork objects.
  • Harmonize traditional forms with modern ones.

Residential Interior Design Delhi 101: Bold Color Palettes

Vigorous and Lively

Delhi home interiors are experiencing a rebirth of bold and vibrant colour palettes while neutral tones have taken the market by storm. They are audaciously painted with shades such as cobalt blue, emerald green or crimson red.


In Vasant Kunj, a living room with a bold navy blue accent wall is decorated using white and gold elements to create a beautiful look that catches attention.


  • Avoid overwhelming your space with strong colours.
  • Match vibrant colours with neutral ones to make it balanced.
  • Embrace variety in accent walls and decor items that incorporate various colours.


Delhi home interiors have experienced a transformation which includes tradition plus modernity blended with sustainability. The 2024 trends range from minimalist designs and smart homes to cultural fusion or blending and daring colour schemes. These are the trends for 2024 which reflect the dynamic nature of the city. At Interior Recipe, we can help you realise these trends while maintaining your unique style requirements in your home. Do you want to update your home according to the latest design styles? Schedule a free consultation today at Interior Recipe where we will assist you in creating an exceptional interior space.

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