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Welcome to Interior Recipe, your premier turnkey interior designer in Delhi. Specializing in retail, commercial, and residential projects, we are an integral part of the flourishing architectural culture. As the best interior designers in Delhi NCR, our journey of evolution is constant - technical, aesthetic, and theoretical advancements guide us ahead every day! Our dynamic team of architects, interior & furniture designers, and contractors offer end-to-end interior solutions (from concept to final delivery) synonymous with creativity, luxury finishes and meticulous attention to detail. As the topmost interior designers in Gurgaon, we innovate and redefine your spaces. Come taste design perfection & transform your spaces with Interior Recipe today!

Projects Delivered

Designed with passion

Our Approach:

At Interior Recipe, we go much beyond just mere aesthetics! As the leading interior design company in Delhi, we strive to fuse beauty with sustainability in each project we undertake. Our projects integrate upcycling & creative reuse for a holistic eco-conscious approach. By prioritizing these values, we craft spaces that enrich both our clients and the environment. Experience a new era of interior design with the best interior designers in Delhi & come to a place where style meets responsibility.

At Interior Recipe, we value eco-conscious designs to reduce our carbon footprints! As the best interior designers in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, our commitment extends to sustainable materials and practices. Throughout our process, from conceptualization to execution, our team focuses on the selection of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable construction techniques to reflect our dedication to crafting spaces that harmonize visual allure with ecological responsibility.

As the best interior designers in Delhi, we at Interior Recipe have upcycling as our cornerstone philosophy. We cherish the worth of existing furniture & accessories and continuously strive to breathe new life into them. Our artisans, skilfully rejuvenate outdated pieces, infusing them with uniqueness. Through upcycling, we curtail waste while infusing character and allure into each of our designs. Each upcycled piece at Interior Recipe holds a tale, enriching your space’s narrative! 

Aligned with our pledge to sustainability, we are an interior designer in Delhi that adopts creative reuse. Instead of discarding, we ingeniously repurpose materials. Salvaged wood, reclaimed fixtures, and repurposed textiles find their place in our designs. Through creative reuse, we bolster a circular economy & aspire to reduce the depletion of resources. This method enables us to craft uniquely exceptional spaces that highlight the allure of purposeful design & resourcefulness. 

Concept Drawing

As the best interior designer in Delhi, we kickstart by sketching a Concept Drawing. This initial visual portrayal captures the essence & vision of our idea before the concept is ready for execution and realization. It’s a creative spark that brings thoughts to life through lines, shapes, and colours.

Schematic Design

As leaders of interior design in Delhi NCR "Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad" our Schematic Design marks the next step of our design process. This phase crystallizes conceptual ideas into tangible blueprints & diagrams, defining the project’s structure & organization.

Project Administration

As a preeminent interior designing company , the last step of our process is Project Administration. This phase commands the project’s journey from the start to the finish, coordination, management, and execution - aligning objectives, allocating resources, & establishing timelines.

1. Dinning Room

Emerald Bay Project

Puri Builder Dwarka Expressway

Stunning apartment is for a modern family which wants to reflect the style and modern era in the living, very general details were shared with the designer, and just wanted to overcome the design aesthetics to be covered.

2. Bed Room

Residential Apartment

M3M Merlin, Sector 65

Size : 3BHK 1200Sqft Designing this apartment we’d intended to create a bright and elegant space, lit by natural light. The overall colour scheme is soft and calm with a couple of grey tones, which make it look more sophisticated.

3. Bathroom

Residential Apartment

Mr Behl, M-Block GK-II

The concept of this apartment is a blend of masculinity and elegance along with the supportive Vastu Planning and remedies. The first component is reflected through the dark and sober colour scheme.


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