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Interior Design 101: Easy Expert Tips to Style Your Dream Flat 

When it comes to the topic of flat interior design, the ultimate goal is to curate a space that reflects the essence of who you are! Your flat interior design should have a touch of your unique personality & character, while simultaneously ensuring it meets your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you don’t have adequate space and are living in a 1BHK Flat, or you’re the lucky one and have a spacious 3BHK Flat, the right interior design can help transform your space into something extraordinary.

In this blog by Interior Recipe – Delhi NCR’s leading Interior Design Company, we’ll take you through some expert but super easy tips and tricks that’ll help you achieve your flat interior design dream. So, without further ado, let’s get Interior Designin’…

Small Flat Interior Design Ideas

Small flats generally present peculiar challenges due to their limited available space. The key here is to ensure that maximum utilization of each and every square foot is done in a judicious manner while still maintaining a sense of openness and space. Here are some tips and ideas you should keep in mind while channelling your inner Interior Designer: 

  • Make Use of Multi-Functional Furniture

Opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, like a sofa cum bed, a coffee table with inbuilt storage or anything else that enhances the utility of the space. These choices help ensure that your small flat interior design isn’t just fully optimised for space and efficiency but also looks aesthetic. 

  • Always Use Light Colours

Light colour schemes create an illusion of spaciousness. Opt for soft, pastel, and neutral colours for your walls, furniture and other accessories and lighting. 

  • Use Wall-Mounted Shelves

Install shelves on the walls when considering a small flat interior design. These floating or wall-mounted shelves free up crucial floor space. Plus, these shelves can be used to display your favourite decor items, serving dual purpose. 

Flat Size Specific Interior Design Tips


Though they have less space available, 1BHK Flats are cosy and charming. And, they can benefit from thoughtful interior design. Some things you can consider for your flat interior design include:

  • Open Layout

If possible, opt for an open-concept layout which can combine your living and dining space to create a sense of airiness and openness.

  • Minimalistic Furniture

Keep the furniture minimal and as functional as possible to avoid overcrowding the space.

  • Use Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can help in small flat interior design by reflecting light and making your 1BHK Flat look much larger.


With a 2BHK Flat, you have a little more room to play with, but it’s still essential to maintain harmony in your small flat interior design. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use Room Dividers

Strategically employ room dividers like bookshelves or curtains to create distinct areas in your 2BHK Flat.

  • Colour Schemes

Consider using a consistent colour palette throughout to create a unified look for your 2BHK Flat Interior Design.

  • Statement Pieces

Invest in a few statement furniture items that can highlight your small flat interior design and be the focal point of your space. 


3BHK Flats offer plenty of space to work with, allowing you to get more creative and give the space a distinctive look. Here are some 3BHK Flat Interior Design ideas to help you get started:

  • Consider Furniture Placement

Strategically arranging furniture is essential when considering a 3BHK Flat Interior Design. Ensure there’s a smooth flow of traffic and enough room for movement. The furniture of each room should complement the function of the room.

  • Lighting Variety

Make sure that you incorporate various types of lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, to create different moods in each area of your flat. 

Getting Professional Help for Flat Interior Design? Choose Interior Recipe 

In conclusion, small flat interior design is all about making the most of your available space, while simultaneously ensuring that your space is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Whether you have a small 1BHK Flat/ 2BHK Flat or a spacious 3BHK Flat, these expert tips and ideas by Interior Recipe are sure to help you style your dream flat. So, transform your living space into a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing haven and get ready to experience the extraordinary every day, in your own flat!

Also, if you’re on the lookout for expert Interior Designers in Delhi NCR that cater to 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK flats, look no further than Interior Recipe. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Interior Designers can help bring your vision to life. Contact us and let’s transform your flat into a work of art!

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