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Best Tips for Hospital Interior Design

If you’ve read the above title and thought of it as uninteresting or not worth your few minutes, here’s your cue to read it till the end. Any space comes together with inspired thoughts and decor. Hospitals have the same potential. It’s a place of healing, of care, and so much more than a mere place for the sick. Giving it a welcoming, nurturing and calming character is the right interior design choice and objective.

This article discusses this very theme and explores the best tips for hospital interior design, focusing on creating a welcoming aesthetic, effective wayfinding, enhancing waiting areas, patient-centric design, dignified discharge, and optimizing drop-off and parking areas.

1. Welcoming Design Aesthetic: Creating a welcoming design aesthetic is essential to ease the anxiety of patients and their families. Incorporate warm and soothing colours, comfortable seating areas, and natural light to promote a calming atmosphere. Use artwork, plants, and other decorative elements to add visual interest and create a sense of tranquillity. A well-designed reception area with friendly staff and clear signage sets a positive tone for the entire hospital experience.

2. Internal Wayfinding: Efficient internal wayfinding is crucial to help patients, visitors, and staff navigate through the hospital easily. Clear signage with legible fonts and intuitive directions should be strategically placed throughout the facility. Use colour-coded paths and visual cues to guide people to different departments and amenities. Incorporating interactive touch-screen kiosks or digital maps can further enhance wayfinding and provide additional information.

3. Focus on Waiting Areas: Waiting areas are where patients and their families spend a significant amount of time. Make these spaces comfortable and inviting by providing ample seating options, including comfortable chairs and sofas. Incorporate elements like natural light, artwork, and soothing colours to create a pleasant environment. Amenities such as charging stations, Wi-Fi access, and refreshment areas are namely a few standard key areas to start with.

4. Patient Areas: Opt for ergonomic furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Ensure sufficient privacy by incorporating soundproof walls and curtains. Install patient control panels that allow them to adjust lighting, temperature, and entertainment options. Pay attention to lighting design, allowing for adjustable brightness and colour temperature to accommodate individual preferences.

5. Dignified Discharge: The discharge process is a crucial stage in a patient’s journey. Design the discharge area with privacy and dignity in mind. Create a separate space for discharge consultations and provide comfortable seating for family members. Ensure clear communication about medication and post-treatment instructions through visual aids, brochures, or digital displays. Offering a warm and caring environment during the discharge process contributes to a positive overall experience.

6. Drop-Off and Parking: The ease of drop-off and parking areas greatly impacts the patient and visitor experience. Ensure convenient and accessible drop-off points, especially for elderly or disabled patients. Designate clearly marked parking areas close to the entrance, with ample space and proper lighting for safety. Incorporate wayfinding signage to guide visitors to the appropriate entrances and parking lots.

Where to Get the Best Hospital Interior Design Services In Delhi & NCR

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